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Pensacola Aviation Center

Pensacola Aviation Center was founded in 1977, and provides aviation products and services to general and business aviation sectors. For 36 years now, Pensacola Aviation Center has continued to provide superior service and attention to detail.

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In the other day in our Hawker.  Best of services for all our needs.  Exceptional help getting our pax on their way and also helping pilots with excess luggage items into rent car.  Very nice lobby for all pax and crew needs.  Great job folks.  Thanks.–Earl Smith - June 17, 2013,

I grew up with a user friendly FBO just like Pensacola Aviation Center and find many today are NOT user friendly like Pensacola Aviation Center is.  The staff is friendly, helpful, and do their jobs professionally.  Couldn't ask for more.  A nice place to be after a long flight.  They take care of you.–Glenn Bradley - May 3, 2013, FlightAware.

This is a first-rate operation.  Clean facility, friendly staff, free drinks and snacks, multiple courtesy cars.  Unless they gave their fuel away for free, there would be no way to improve upon the experience at Pensacola Aviation.  Thank you Therese, Cynthia, and the team at Pensacola Aviation for a job well done.–Edward San Juan - June 8, 2013, AirNav.

A friend was running late for a commercial flight so we decided to fly instead of drive.  When we arrived they picked us up on the ramp, had a van ready and drove him to the airport.  They have fantastic service and great attitudes.  One of the best FBO's I've been to.–Josh Vawter - June 13, 2013, AirNav.


Excellent Staff!!!!  The entire staff was wonderful and went out of their way for us!!!!  They apparently love their jobs!!!!  Great work!!!!!!–Eric Hatfield - May 27, 2013, AirNav.